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Google Meet
July 2, 2024

Google Meet: allow anyone to join

Google Meet allows anyone to join through various ways ✅ Start meetings effortlessly, connect with ease, and collaborate with your team

Google Meet: allow anyone to join
Google Meet: allow anyone to join

Google Meet allows anyone to join meetings seamlessly, ensuring accessibility for participants regardless of their location or device. This feature solves the challenge of connecting diverse groups effortlessly, enabling remote collaboration and communication without the need for extensive setup or technical expertise.

Keep reading to learn the best practices for managing unrestricted Google Meet sessions, ensuring a smooth and productive experience for all. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to leverage the convenience of open meetings while safeguarding your virtual space.

Accessing Google Meet With No Google Account

While you can't directly host or schedule a Google Meet app or meeting without a Google Workspace account, you can still join one if someone else invites you. Here's how to access Google Meet with no Google account:


  • A meeting link or code is provided by the host or personal Google accounts.
  • An internet connection.
  • A web browser or the Google Meet mobile app (optional).


  1. Get the meeting link or code: The meeting host will typically share this information in an email, calendar invite, or message.
  2. Open the meeting link: If you have the link, simply click on it in your web browser. This will attempt to open Google Meet directly.
  3. Enter the meeting code: Alternatively, if you have the meeting code, head over to in your web browser. You'll see a field to enter the meeting code.
  4. Join as a guest: You might be prompted to enter your name (optional) and then click "Join" or "Knock" (depending on the host's settings). Be patient, as the host might need to approve your entry, especially for meetings with restricted access.
How to Access Google Meet using meeting link or code

Accessing Google Meet Through Google Chat

In Google Chat, you can include a video conference link that everyone in the room can access. First, choose a person or room from the Chat list on the left. Next, click the Google Meet icon to add a video conference link. Then, click the Send icon (a right-pointing triangle) to share the message. That's all you need to do.

How to Access Google Meet Through Google Chat

Accessing Google Meet With Google Calendar

Here's how to use Google Calendar for effortless Google Meet sessions.

Create an event: Just head to on your desktop or open the Calendar app on your phone and tap the "+" button.

How to Access Google Meet With Google Calendar

Add Google Meet: Select "Add Google Meet Video Conferencing" during event creation. This automatically generates a unique meeting link.

How to Access Google Meet via Google Calendar

Invite Anyone: The link can be shared with anyone, even those outside your organization or without a Google account. No individual invites are needed.

Bonus: For extra details about events, click "More Options" on the desktop or tap "Event details" on mobile before saving.

How to add event details in Google Calendar

This simple method streamlines your meeting setup and ensures everyone has easy access with just a click of the link.

Accessing Google Meet With Google Slides

Google Slides is an excellent tool for collaborating on presentations, providing easy access, sharing, and management. To get access to Google Meet with Google Slides, open your presentation and click the Meet icon in the right upper corner. This will display all your upcoming meetings, allowing users around you to join them with a single click, just like in Gmail.

You can seamlessly integrate Google Meet with Slides to directly present your slides during an active meeting. Join the meeting, open your desired presentation, click "Present now," choose "Tab," select your slides, and click "Share" to begin.

How to Access Google Meet With Google Slides

Remember, you can control the presentation in Google Meet's slideshow mode by clicking "Start new meeting" or add a meeting code right on top of the menu.

How to present slides in Google Meet

This capability simplifies presenting slides during webinars, eliminating the need for tab switching to effective Google Meet meetings and webinars.

Accessing Google Meet Through Gmail

It's great that Gmail provides easy access to Google Meet in both the web browser and mobile app for Google workspace individual subscribers. If you need to start a meeting while composing an email, click the Meet icon in the bottom left corner of Gmail. This will show all your scheduled meetings, automatically synced with your Calendar. From here, you can create a new meeting or quickly join one not on your Calendar by clicking "Join the meeting" and entering the link.

Accessing Google Meet Through The Google Classroom

Teachers can create a dedicated meeting space for their Google Classroom using a single Google Meet link. This link stays inactive for students until the teacher starts the session, ensuring only enrolled students can join at the right time.

Here's how it works:

  • Teachers:
    1. Create your Google Classroom class.
    2. On the main class screen, click "Generate link" under the Meet section.
    3. Click the option "Visible" for students and save the link. You can always reset it later in Settings if needed.
  • Students:
    1. Go to Google Classroom.
    2. Pick the class you want to join.
    3. Look for the "Join" button in the left corner and click to enter the meeting.

This way, teachers have control over when the meeting starts and students have a convenient, one-click access point for joining the class session.


In conclusion, whether you're managing virtual classes in Google Classroom, collaborating via Google Chat, or presenting in Google Slides, creating a reusable Google Meet link streamlines session access for participants once a new event is initiated by the host. However, capturing the full value of your meetings requires a  solution like Bluedot.

Bluedot goes far beyond basic recording. It offers a suite of features designed to empower your Google Meet interactions. Bluedot not only transcribes conversations in real time, but it also allows you to record your microphone and the entire  video session, ensuring every detail is saved for your meeting organizer.

This is particularly valuable when someone is sharing their screen. With Bluedot recordings, you and guests can revisit complex presentations or walkthroughs at your own pace, maximizing knowledge retention. Beyond recording, Bluedot offers additional functionalities like AI-powered meeting summaries, the ability to record without host permission, auto-generated emails, customizable meeting templates, and secure cloud storage. In essence, Bluedot equips you to capture and leverage the full potential of your Google Meet sessions.

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