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April 26, 2024

How To Write A Follow-Up Email Template: Step-By-Step Guide

✅ Your how to do follow up email strategy back-up email template guide: Write clear & concise follow up emails for better response rates.

How To Write A Follow-Up Email Template: Step-By-Step Guide
How To Write A Follow-Up Email Template: Step-By-Step Guide

Follow-Up Email Template

Bluedots versatile follow-up email template offers a universal structure that fits just about every scenario and user case. Whether you're following up on a job application, nurturing client relationships, or seeking feedback, our template provides a solid foundation for effective communication.

At the end of this article, you'll find a selection of specific templates tailored to different contexts. From event make-ups to networking, we've got you covered with our follow up sequence for emails.

What Is A Follow-Up Email?

A follow-up email is a message sent after an initial interaction, typically to remind, inquire, or provide additional information. It serves to maintain communication, prompt action, or nurture relationships with recipients such as clients, prospects, employers, or colleagues. When you email after no response it shows that you are dedicated and serious about your work.

What Is A Follow-Up Email?

With Bluedot, you can send a follow-up email immediately. Here's how:

  1. Once your meeting has ended, you'll navigate to Bluedot.
  2. Click on "library" on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Choose the meeting recording you would like to follow up on.
  4. Once opened, click "generate AI email" at the top right side of the screen.
  5. Your follow up email will appear, all you have to do now is click "send" at the bottom of your screen.

These emails are commonly used sales professionals in various contexts, including job applications, sales inquiries, project updates, networking, and customer product or service interactions.

Why Are Follow-Up Emails Important?

Follow-up emails are essential for maintaining communication and achieving your goals. They ensure nothing slips through the cracks and help build stronger connections with your audience.

How To Write A Follow-Up Email

Crafting a follow-up strategy email can seem daunting. We have crafted 7 key tips to ensure your message lands and gets you the response you're looking for:

  1. Reference the original email: Briefly remind the recipient of your previous conversation and its topic.
  2. Keep it short: People are busy. Get straight to the point in your subject lines and clearly state your question in the body.
  3. Offer value: Why should they respond? Highlight any new information or the benefit of moving forward.
  4. Proofread: Typos and grammatical errors seem unprofessional. Double-check them before pressing send.
  5. Consider timing: Don't pounce right away. Give your initial email some breathing room before following up.
  6. End with a clear call to action (CTA): Tell the recipient exactly what you'd like them to do next.
  7. Be polite and professional: Maintain a courteous tone throughout your email.

Follow-Up Mistakes To Avoid

Avoid these common follow-up mistakes to ensure your communications hit the mark:

  • Being impatient: Don't bombard someone with emails after your initial message. Give them reasonable time to respond (consider their workload).
  • Lacking context: Don't just say "following up." Briefly remind them of the original email's topic in the email subject line.
  • Generic templates: Personalize your message. Tailor it to the specific situation and recipient.
  • Being pushy: A forceful tone can backfire. Maintain a polite and professional approach.
  • Following up too soon: Wait a reasonable amount of time (usually 24-48 hours) before the first follow-up.
  • Following up too much There's a fine line between persistence and pestering. Limit follow-ups to 2-3 attempts.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can craft a polite follow-up email that gets the response you require for a quick chat.

Bluedots Follow-Up Email Templates

Here are a few follow-up email examples

        1. Follow-up email template after no response

Bluedot template of follow-up email after no response

        2. Follow-up sales email template

Bluedot template of follow-up sales email

        3. Check-in email template

Bluedot template of check-in email

        4. Follow-up email template to client

Bluedot template of follow-up email to client

        5. Next steps email template

Bluedot template of next steps email

        6. Proposal follow-up email template

Bluedot template of proposal follow-up email

        7. Sales meeting follow-up email

Bluedot template of Sales meeting follow-up email

        8. Networking event follow-up email template

Bluedot template of Networking event follow-up email

        9. Interview follow-up email template

Bluedot template of interview follow-up email

       10. Event follow-up email template

Bluedot template of Event follow-up email

       11. Webinar follow-up email template

Bluedot template of Webinar follow-up email

       12. Feedback request follow-up email template

Bluedot template of Feedback request follow-up email

       13. Product or service follow-up email template

Bluedot template of Product or service follow-up email

       14. Appointment confirmation follow-up email template

Bluedot template of Appointment confirmation follow-up email

       15. Conference follow-up email template

Bluedot template of Conference follow-up email

       16. Onboarding follow-up email template

Bluedot template of Onboarding follow-up email

       17. Presentation follow-up email template

Bluedot template of Presentation follow-up email

       18. Deadline reminder follow-up email template

Bluedot template of Deadline reminder follow-up email

       19. Product launch follow-up email template

Bluedot template of Product launch follow-up email

       20. Product demo follow-up email template

Bluedot template of Product demo follow-up email


Bluedot stands out as the ideal solution for recording, transcribing, and securely storing your meeting data. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, Bluedot simplifies the process of recording and organizing meeting content. Additionally, its integration with email templates streamlines post-meeting follow-up emails, ensuring efficient communication and collaboration with its audio Chrome capture feature.

Install free extension.


How to follow up after no response?

Give the recipient enough time to respond before following up. This timeframe can vary depending on the context, but typically waiting 2 to 4 days is reasonable.

Keep your message concise, polite, and to the point. Begin the conversation by referencing your previous email and reiterating the purpose of your message. Express understanding of the recipient's busy schedule and politely ask for an update or response.

How many email follow-ups is it OK to send?

The number of follow-up emails you can send depends on several factors, including the context of your communication, the relationship with the company name or recipient, and the urgency of your message.

If you've already sent one or two follow-up emails and still haven't received a response, it's best to respect the recipient's silence and refrain from further follow-ups unless the situation warrants it.

In some cases, such as urgent matters or time-sensitive deadlines, you may need to follow up more frequently.

Why don’t people respond to emails?

People may not respond to emails for various reasons, including:

  • Busy schedules
  • Lack of time
  • Misleading email subject line
  • Unclear or irrelevant content
  • Technical issues
  • Decision-making delays
  • Avoidance of confrontation
  • Forgetfulness
  • Trigger event
  • Mismatched expectations

Sometimes if the email address is wrong you might have sent it to the wrong person.

When To Send A Follow-up Email?

Send a first follow up email after waiting 1-2 days. Consider the recipient's schedule and previous interactions. Avoid excessive follow-ups; one or two polite reminders are usually enough.

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