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October 31, 2023

Where Do Google Meet Recordings Go: How to Find and Download Them

Discover where Google Meet recordings are stored and learn how to find and download them quickly ✅

Where Do Google Meet Recordings Go: How to Find and Download Them
Where Do Google Meet Recordings Go: How to Find and Download Them

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Have you ever wondered where do Google Meet recordings go after a virtual meeting? Don't worry, you're not alone.

It can be a frustrating experience when you need to share a Google Meet recording with your team or clients but can't seem to find it anywhere.

That's why we're here to help.

In this article, we'll guide you through the various locations where your Google Meet recordings can be saved and show you how to download them quickly.

But that's not all. We'll also address common issues users face while using this popular video conferencing platform and provide solutions to overcome them.

Let's get started!

Where is a Google Meet recording saved?

Before diving into how to record and share a Google Meet meeting, it's important to understand who can record the session and under what conditions.

To begin with, any administrator belonging to the same organization as the meeting's host can record and share the meeting.

However, before a person can start recording a meeting, a Google Workspace administrator must activate the recording feature for that person's account.

How to record a Google Meet meeting? It is possible under the following conditions:

  • If you're the designated host of the meeting
  • If you're an external participant upgraded to the co-host role by the host
  • If you belong to the same organization as the host, and the Host Management feature is disabled
  • If you're a teacher or co-teacher for meetings created through Google Classroom

It's worth noting that the recording option is only available on a computer and not via the mobile app. The recording feature is also only available as part of a paid subscription.

By keeping these conditions in mind, you can record your Google Meet meetings when necessary and without any hassle.

So, where are Google Meet recordings saved?

Meet Recordings in Google Drive
Image source: Android Authority

A Google Meet recording will always be saved in the Google Drive of the meeting's organizer, regardless of who initiated the recording. Once the recording is complete, the initiator and the meeting organizer will receive a link to access, download and share the recording. If you're the organizer of a meeting you can find your Google Meet recordings saved in “Meet Recordings” folder.

If you schedule meetings using Google Calendar, the app automatically adds the recording link to the event details. All the invitees can conveniently access the recorded session directly through their Google Calendar app.

It's important to note that a Google Meet recording requires some time to generate and won't be immediately accessible after the recording session ends.

Is there an alternative for Google Meet recording?


If you're looking for another way to manage your meeting recordings, consider Bluedot one of the best Otter AI alternatives.

Bluedot is an advanced Chrome extension for Google Meet that allows you to record, transcribe, summarize and share your meetings using AI-powered technology. You can store and organize all your Google Meet recordings in one place, using Collections.

Our AI-powered note-taker offers additional features, such as generating meeting notes, searching through past meetings, sharing important points, and more.

With Bluedot, you'll get a non-intrusive way of recording Google Meet since it doesn't require access to your calendar or ask you to invite a "bot" to record your meeting.

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How to find and download a Google Meet recording

Now that we’ve learned how Google Meet recordings work, here are some simple ways to find and download them.

In Google Drive

Here are the essential steps:

  1. Sign in to your Google Drive account and click on "My Drive" on the left side.
  2. Select the "Meet Recordings" folder. It will lead you to all your recorded meetings, including date, time, and participants.
  3. Click on the recorded meeting you want to watch, then select "Play" to view it. You also have the option to download it to your computer by clicking "Download."

As mentioned, Google Meet recording does not automatically appear in your Google Drive. You'll need to wait up to 24 hours.

Using email link

If you've hosted and recorded a Google Meet session, an email containing a link to the saved recording on your Google Drive will be sent to you.

Click on the link to access and play the video.

To share it with others, you have a few different options. You can forward the email you received or copy and paste the recording link into your message.

Alternatively, click on "More" shown as three tiny dots, select "Share," then enter the recipients' email addresses.

Through Google Calendar

Finding your Google Meet recording through Google Calendar is a straightforward process:

  • Launch Google Calendar and find the meeting date you wish to review.
  • Click on "More" and then choose "Recorded Meetings." This action will display a list of all previous meetings, with the latest one at the top. You can also search for a particular session by its date or name.
  • To view a meeting, click the three dots at the top and "Play." You also have the option to download the recording from this location.

That's it. Now, you can find Google Meet recordings in minutes and easily share them with colleagues or clients.

Common issues faced with Google Meet recordings

Here are some common issues with Google Meet recordings and how to address them.

Google Meet recording is not available in Drive

Google Meet recording does not automatically appear in your Google Drive immediately after the meeting, as it can take up to 24 hours to generate. Check the designated folder in a few hours or the next day to find your recording.

Others can’t download my Google Meet recording

This issue occurs when the meeting host does not grant access to recorded files.

To solve this:

  1. Log into your Google Drive.
  2. To share the recorded file, find it and click on the "Share" option.
  3. Proceed to click on "Advanced" (you can find it in the lower right corner). Then, uncheck the option that says Disable options to download, print, and copy for commenters and viewers.
  4. Save your changes. Others can now view and download the file.

Google Meet doesn’t open on mobile device

Google provides support for every mobile Meet app version for six months after its release. If you face any issues, it could be because your device runs an older app version.

To fix this, we suggest upgrading to the latest version. It will ensure that your device is compatible with all the latest features and updates

External participants can’t join the meeting

If you're the host of the meeting and invited participants from outside your organization's domain, you are the only person who can approve or decline their requests to join a Google Meet meeting.

When scheduling a meeting with guests outside your organization, remain on the call until all guests have joined.

For meetings scheduled using a personal Google account, only the meeting organizer can admit other participants.

There is no recording button in Google Meet

If you're unable to locate the recording button, here are some suggestions to overcome this challenge:

  1. First, confirm that your administrator has enabled recording for Google Meet in the Google Admin console.
  2. Ensure you're using the desktop version of Meet, as the recording functionality is only available through the app's desktop version.
  3. Remember you can't start recording if you join a meeting solely to present, for instance, when connecting via a laptop while already in a meeting room. To enable recording, first join the video meeting, start your presentation, and then initiate the recording.
  4. It's also worth noting that you cannot record a meeting created on a conference room device (e.g., Meet hardware). To enable recording, schedule the meeting using Google Calendar or ensure that a person, rather than a device, initiates the session.
  5. Finally, Google Meet only provides the recording option to users with a paid plan. If you'd like to record your meetings for free, consider using Bluedot!

With these solutions, tackling challenges during Google Meet will be a breeze. Be confident in your ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues swiftly, making for a seamless and stress-free experience.

Final words

To summarize, you can find your Google Meet recording in three places:

  1. In your Google Drive, under the "Meet Recordings" folder
  2. Via email with a link to the recording stored in Google Drive
  3. Through the "Recorded Meetings" option in the Google Calendar event

However, Google Meet recordings are available only for paid user accounts. If you want to reduce costs and better manage your meeting recordings, consider switching to Bluedot today.

Our AI-powered note-taker provides more options than just simple Google Meer recording. You can transcribe, download and summarize your meetings with AI-generated notes, create Collections of your videos and sort meetings automatically based on your pre-defined rules.

You can customize each Collection and share it publicly or restrict access to specific people within an organization. What's best is that you can search recordings and highlights by keyword or by asking a particular question in the search bar.

These are just some of the features available with our bot-free, GDPR-compliant meeting recorder available as a free Chrome extension.

Request a demo today to learn more about our Google Meet solution.

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