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February 19, 2024

How To See Everyone On Google Meet in 2024

Enhance your Google Meet experience! ✅ Learn how to see everyone on Google Meet effortlessly for productive virtual meetings.

How To See Everyone On Google Meet in 2024
How To See Everyone On Google Meet in 2024

Have you ever found yourself in a Google Meet meeting wishing you could see all participants at once? The default view often only shows a limited number, potentially hindering communication and engagement. However, a handy feature called Grid View exists to solve this issue.

Whether you're hosting a large meeting, conducting a presentation, or simply socializing with a group, understanding Grid View's capabilities can improve your overall experience. By learning to utilize this function effectively, you can foster a more inclusive environment and ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate.

If you're ready to expand your horizons and connect with all participants, let us show you how to see everyone on Google Meet grid view.

How To See Everyone On Google Meet

Discovering how to see all participants in the Google Meet grid view ranks among the most frequently asked questions for Google Meet users. The grid view sometimes displays only a portion of the participants present, often due to misconfigured settings in your Google Meet grid view extension.

This guide will help you fix your settings and view everyone in the grid view.

Here's what you need to do to change layout:

        1. Open Google Meet settings: When you're in a meeting, look for the "three dots" icon on the bottom bar and click them. A menu will appear.

How To See Everyone On Google Meet

        2. Switch to grid view: Click on "three dot" icon and choose "Change Layout" from the menu. This opens your layout options.

How To See Everyone in the Google Meet grid

        3. Maximize the layout: Look for "Change Layout" and change it from "Auto" to "Tiled." This shows everyone in tiles.

See all participants in the Google Meet grid

        4. Expand your view: Find "Change Tiles" and use the slider to adjust the number of tiles. Drag it to the right to see a maximum of 49 participants.

Remember, this setting only affects your view on Google Meet. Other participants can still choose their layout preferences.

How to See Everyone On Google Meet While Presenting

The second most asked question is how to see everyone on Google Meet while presenting. This can be frustrating because during presentations, you often only see a limited number of participants, making it seem as though you're presenting to a tiny audience. Additionally, this setup can hinder the ability to see audience reactions or for educators to monitor student engagement. Here’s how to view everyone while presenting:

Unpin the Presentation

To view all participants with larger video thumbnails while presenting, simply unpin your video presentation. Hover over the large presentation video in Google Meet to reveal options at the center. Choose the icon located on the left side that resembles a pin with a line through it to unpin your presentation.

How to See Everyone On Google Meet While Presenting

With the presentation unpinned, you'll now see a smaller version of your presentation in the top left corner of the meeting screen, while participant tiles are displayed at a larger scale. If the provided solution does not resolve your issue, consider changing the Google Meet layout as an additional option.

How To View All Participants On Google Meet Using An iPad

Fortunately, iPad users have had the ability to see everyone on Google Meet meetings since Google introduced this as the default layout not too long ago. On the iPad, the grid option is automatically enabled. This means whenever someone joins your Google Meet meeting, they'll automatically pop up in the grid, so you have a comprehensive view of all participants without any extra clicks or adjustments.


Now that we've discovered how to see everyone on Google Meet at once, being able to record the meeting would make it that much better. Unfortunately, the built-in recording feature only captures the active speaker and shared screen, leaving valuable participant interactions unseen.

That's why you have Bluedot. This tool transcends limitations, capturing the entire Google Meet session, including the Grid View with all participants seamlessly displayed. No more missing reactions, discussions, or crucial moments.

Bluedot also offers advanced features like speaker identification, cloud storage, and AI-powered transcription to transform your recordings into resources. Easily identify who said what, access recordings anywhere, and gain valuable insights through automated transcripts. Bluedot empowers you to revisit important discussions, share knowledge, and ensure accessibility for everyone.

Capture the complete picture with Bluedot and install our free extension.


How can I view all participants on a Google Meet meeting using a mobile device? 

It doesn't matter which way you join a Google Meet session on mobile, mobile devices restrict the viewing of more than 4 participants on iOS and Android at once. If it's essential to monitor all participants' activity, using your Google Chrome browser instead of the app is recommended. However, you should enable desktop mode before joining Google Meet mobile. The maximum number of people visible on the screen is 49.

Is it possible to capture a Google Meet grid view?

Being the host of a Google Meet session grants you recording privileges, but keep in mind that the included function captures only the host and their sound, leaving out the other participants in the grid view. If capturing everyone's video feed is crucial, consider exploring alternative recording tools such as Bluedot designed to capture the entire meeting window, including the grid layout.

Why do I need to see everyone on Google Meet and when do I need to change layout?

Seeing everyone on the Google Meet layout is essential because online work environments differ from in-person settings. With many companies, businesses, and schools now communicating online, it's crucial to ensure effective communication and collaboration.

Google's suspension of the previous time limit for unpaid accounts has created uninterrupted education for many students worldwide. With Google Meet now capable of hosting up to two hundred and fifty guests at once, it's vital to see users to ensure everyone is focused and without distractions.

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