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January 16, 2024

Top Transcribe Meeting Minutes Software in 2024

Looking for the best transcribe meeting minutes software? Explore the top three solutions and learn why Bluedot is the best one! ✅

Top Transcribe Meeting Minutes Software in 2024
Top Transcribe Meeting Minutes Software in 2024

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The rise of remote work and online meetings has made meeting minutes transcription software essential for many teams and individuals. 

Transcribing an hour-long video can take an average person between 4 and 6 hours, which is why automated transcription software is so helpful.

While transcription software primarily focuses on note-taking and transcription, the best tools also offer features such as screen recording, smart summarization, meeting highlights, and productivity and collaboration tools. 

Using dedicated software to transcribe meeting minutes can improve productivity, communication, and record-keeping.

In this article, we will explore the key factors influencing the selection of meeting minutes transcription software and recommend three top tools for 2024: BluedotHQ, Notta, and Otter.

What factors should be considered when selecting transcribe meeting minutes software?

Choosing the right transcribe meeting minutes tool from the numerous options available can be daunting. Here are some significant factors to consider to ensure you make the right choice:

  • Accuracy: The software must be capable of converting speech into accurate and reliable text, even with technical terms and nuances included.
  • Ease of use: Meeting minutes tools should be user-friendly and easy for first-time and long-time users.
  • Security: Meeting minute transcribing software must adhere to security standards for encryption, data protection, and user privacy.
  • Additional functionalities: Screen recording, summarization, meeting highlights, video editing, and hosting tools can significantly enhance transcribing software.
  • Cost: It is essential to compare the pricing structure of the transcribe meeting minutes tool you are interested in buying. Some tools may be more expensive than others, even if they offer a different number or quality of features than their competitors. It will ensure that you get good value for your money.
  • User reviews: Before purchasing a transcribe meeting minutes software, it is important to research user reviews to understand its performance and reliability.

Since we discussed all critical parameters, let's start with our list of the best transcribe meeting minutes software.

3 best meeting minutes transcription software for 2024

Let's share information about the top three meeting minutes transcription software for 2024.

1. Bluedot


Bluedot is an AI-powered meeting recorder and note-taking app designed to make online meetings more productive and efficient. 

It uses advanced technology to automatically capture, transcribe, and summarize your Google Meet sessions, eliminating the need for manual note-taking and simplifying post-meeting follow-ups.

One of the key benefits of using Bluedot is its high accuracy rate and overall ease of use. With a straightforward transcript Chrome extension, you can set up Bluedot quickly and get your meeting minutes transcribed. It does not require access to your calendar or invite an intrusive bot to manage your meetings.

Bluedot benefits

Bluedot also provides an intuitive virtual workspace that fosters collaboration and streamlines documentation processes. You can reduce the number of unnecessary in-person meetings and empower teams to work together more efficiently.

Besides its transcription and collaboration capabilities, Bluedot also functions as a modern Learning Management System (LMS) that fosters company-wide cohesion and connectivity for teams across your organization.

At Bluedot, we prioritize the safety and security of your data. We adhere to the EU’s most stringent data protection regulations and employ advanced encryption technology to guarantee the safety and control of your information.

To optimize your Google Meet experience, improve your meeting workflows, and boost your team’s productivity, request a demo today and explore how Bluedot can transform your work.

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Key features

  • AI notes for transcribing meeting minutes on Google Meet
  • Screen recorder for capturing screen activity and audio
  • Meeting highlights feature for reviewing key points
  • Screen section annotation and time-based comments
  • Video and transcript editing and trimming capabilities
  • Video hosting functionality for centralized storage and organization of all videos
  • Integrations with Slack, Google Drive, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and more


Bluedot pricing

At Bluedot, we understand that every business has unique requirements for meeting minutes transcription, and we offer customized plans to meet those needs.

To begin with, we provide a free Starter plan that allows you to test Bluedot's capabilities with ten meetings and up to 1 hour per recording. 

If you're satisfied, you can upgrade to the Pro plan for just $18 per user per month, offering unlimited meetings, no recording restrictions, and compatibility with Zoom and Google Drive.

For teams looking for more advanced features, we recommend our customizable Team plan, which provides unlimited uploads, unlimited free users, Single Sign-On (SAML), and priority support.

Request a demo today!

2. Notta


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Notta is a popular meeting assistant known for its smart summarization feature and transcribing meeting minutes. It is fast and efficient in transcribing audio, with the developers claiming that it can process a one-hour audio file in just 5 minutes and extract key points for quick navigation.

One of the most notable features of Notta is its automatic conversion of audio to text in real time. It makes it a convenient tool for capturing every spoken word accurately during webinars, online meetings, conferences, or client interviews. 

Notta also offers versatility for various use cases, including content creators such as YouTubers, podcasters, and vloggers who can use Notta to transcribe their video and audio recordings effortlessly. Notta's real-time transcription capability helps video creators generate subtitles in multiple languages. 

However, it's worth noting that Notta works by adding a bot to your online meetings or conferences. To use it, you need to input the meeting invite link into Notta's interface and click 'transcribe now' to access its real-time transcription capabilities.

Despite its many benefits, some users have left reviews stating that Notta sometimes omits entire sentences in its audio transcriptions, and it may struggle to discern between different speakers accurately. 

Therefore, if your primary aim is to have extensive language support when transcribing meeting minutes, Notta could be a suitable option. If not, you can evaluate some of the alternatives.

Key features

  • Quick and efficient AI transcription 
  • Automated generation of notes and summaries
  • Management of audio and screen recordings 
  • Customizable meeting templates
  • Timestamps for quick reference
  • Autocorrect features for transcriptions


Notta pricing

Notta is a transcription software offering a free personal use plan with limited capabilities. 

For individual users who require more advanced transcription features, Notta has a Pro plan priced at $13.99 per month. It includes additional transcription options, as well as AI summarization features.

For businesses with up to 20 users, Notta offers a Business plan starting at $59 monthly for two seats. It includes screen recording. If you have a bigger team, Notta's Enterprise plan offers custom pricing to accommodate your needs.

3. Otter


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Otter is a well-known name for those who have been using transcription apps for a while. This transcribe meeting minutes tool allows recording audio, capturing action items, and generating meeting summaries in real time. 

Over the years, Otter has been the go-to transcription tool for many companies and freelance users. However, with the evolution of transcription technology beyond speech-to-text, other tools in the market have started to outshine Otter. 

One of the significant drawbacks of Otter is that it exclusively provides audio transcription and does not offer additional features like video editing and Chrome screen recording. It can be a drawback if you require more advanced functionalities from a meeting assistant and transcription software. 

If that's your case, you can check out our list of the best Otter AI alternatives.

Otter has recently introduced some changes that may impact its appeal. Recent updates have decreased the monthly allocation of free minutes for live transcription from 400 to 300. Additionally, the maximum duration for each transcription session for free users has been reduced from 40 minutes to 30.

While Otter exclusively transcribes in English, covering both US and UK dialects, users have reported difficulty accurately interpreting different accents. 

Otter claims on its website to be proficient in parsing a range of accents in English, including 

  1. Southern American
  2. Canadian
  3. Indian
  4. Chinese
  5. Russian
  6. British
  7. Scottish
  8. Italian
  9. German 
  10. Swiss
  11. Irish
  12. Scandinavian

However, users consistently report a higher error rate with specific speakers having these accents.

Key features

  • Automated note-taking
  • Action item management
  • Post-meeting summaries
  • Real-time collaboration through comments and task assignments
  • In-meeting chat for instant communication with team members
  • Real-time meeting transcription
  • Keyword and phrase-based search
  • Integration with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams


Otter pricing

If you're just starting, the Basic plan is free and includes real-time transcription functionality. The Pro plan costs $16.99/user/month and provides collaboration features that are useful for teams working on projects together.

The Business plan costs $40/user/month. It provides additional transcription minutes and advanced administrative controls, making it a good fit for larger teams or organizations with more complex needs.

Finally, the Enterprise plan is for those seeking robust features and security. It is available upon request, provides advanced security measures, and includes OtterPilot™ for Sales, a feature that enhances its capabilities for sales teams.

How to transcribe meeting minutes with Bluedot

Meeting minutes

With Bluedot, transcribing your meeting minutes is a breeze. Here's how it works.

First step, download the Bluedot extension in your Chrome browser. Once installed, click on the Bluedot icon to open the tool. You can choose the type of notes you want the AI to generate from there. Then, click the 'start capture' button, and Bluedot will automatically start transcribing your meeting minutes.

When the meeting is over, Bluedot will generate a summary of the discussed topics and email it to all participants. You'll have the flexibility to edit the summary or share it directly to platforms like Notion or Slack, complete with a link to the meeting video.

For a more targeted approach, you can emphasize specific meeting highlights. To do this, press command F and type the term you're looking for, and Bluedot will highlight every instance of its mention. 

You can then copy and share this excerpt with your coworkers on Slack, allowing them to view the critical moments without sifting through an hour-long recording.

Using Bluedot to transcribe meeting minutes is quick, easy, and effective. Give it a try and see how it can improve your workflow!


When it comes to transcribing meeting minutes in 2024, Bluedot, Notta and Otter offer some impressive features. However, Bluedot stands out as the top choice.

With Bluedot, you can finally say goodbye to the struggles of transcribing meeting minutes. 

Our advanced transcription features make capturing everything said during the meeting easy. At the same time, collaboration and productivity tools streamline sharing and reviewing the minutes with your team. 

Bluedot does not require access to your calendar or use invasive bots to manage your meetings. You can rest assured that your data is safe and secure while still enjoying the convenience of effortless meeting transcription.

Best of all, Bluedot is cost-effective, making it the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. 

Don't let meeting minutes be a source of stress anymore. 

Request a demo today.


Let’s answer the most common questions about transcribe meeting minutes software.

What is the difference between meeting minutes and transcription?

Meeting minutes refer to the condensed version of the important points and decisions taken during a meeting. On the other hand, transcription involves the conversion of spoken words from an audio or video file into written text, which means that the entire conversation is transcribed.

What are the three categories of meeting minutes?

There are three standard types of meeting minutes: action, discussion, and verbatim. Action minutes focus on decisions made and the corresponding actions to be taken without detailing the debate that led to them. 

Discussion minutes, on the other hand, can be more extensive and may include non-essential information. Verbatim minutes are meeting transcripts – they capture every word spoken during a meeting.

In what ways does meeting minutes software contribute to time savings?

Automating the transcription process with transcribe meeting minutes software saves time and allows for quick reference and collaboration between team members.

How do meeting minutes play a role in facilitating and managing business operations?

Meeting minutes are important for tracking meetings, decisions, and action items. They improve communication and accountability, facilitating business operations.

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