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June 7, 2024

How to present a PowerPoint On Google Meet in 2024

Learn how to present your PowerPoint in Google Meet Step-by-step guide ✅ for seamless screen sharing and engaging presentations ▶️

How to present a PowerPoint On Google Meet in 2024
How to present a PowerPoint On Google Meet in 2024

In Google Meet, presenting a PowerPoint slideshow involves sharing your screen to display your presentation seamlessly to remote audiences. This solves the challenge of virtual collaboration by allowing clear and interactive communication through a visual aid.

By learning how to present PowerPoint slides effectively, you gain the ability to have engaging and informative meetings from any given location. Following this guide will equip you with essential skills for maximum productivity and communication in any remote settings

How To Present Full-Screen PowerPoint In Google Meet

Learning how to present a PowerPoint presentation in a Meet session seems way more daunting than it is. This will also work on Google Slides. Here are some simple steps to help you navigate the way:

Using laptop screen

       1. Open PowerPoint:

               - Open the presentation you wish to share and click on the slideshow mode.

PowerPoint presentation

       2. Set up for presentation mode:

               - You can prepare your slides for full-screen mode but don't start the slideshow yet.

       3. Open your Google Meet meeting:

               - Open your web browser and go to Google Meet.

How to start a new Google Meet meeting

       4. Join or start a meeting:

               - Click on "Start an instant meeting" to start a new meeting or "Join with a code or link" if you're joining an existing meeting.

How to start a new instant meeting in Google Meet

       5. Locate the Present Now button:

               - In the Meet interface, look for the "Present now" button located at the bottom right of the screen.

How to start a presentation in Google Meet

       6. Select your presentation option:

How to set up a presentation option

               - Click on "Present now" and choose "A Window" if you only want to share the PowerPoint application,

How to choose what to share in Google Meet

               - or "Your Entire Screen" if you prefer to share your whole screen and not just the Google Meet tab or Google Chrome browser.

How to select the screen with slide show tab

       7. Choose the PowerPoint window:

               - Choose the screen where your slide show tab will display properly.

How to choose the screen with slide show tab

               - Click "Share" to present the current slide.

How to share the current slide in Google meet

On phone screen

1. Prepare Your Presentation

  • Open the PowerPoint app on your mobile device.
  • Load the PowerPoint file you want to share and ensure it is ready for presentation.

2. Set up Google Meet on your mobile

  • Open the Meet app and join or start a meeting.

3. Share your screen

  • Tap on the three vertical dots in the bottom right corner of the Google Meet screen.
  • Select "Share screen" or "Present screen."
  • Confirm by tapping "Start now" (Android) or "Start Broadcast" (iOS).

How To Present On Google Meet And See All Participants

There are a few ways to present on Google Meet and still see the participants on your laptop, such as using two monitors, however, not everyone has access to two monitors, so this method is the most popular:

  1. If you only have one monitor, you can use Google Meet's picture-in-picture mode.
  2. Click "Present now" and choose "Your entire screen" or "A window" depending on your preference.
  3. Once your presentation starts, hover your mouse over the minimized Google Meet window (it should appear at the bottom of your screen). Click the three dots and select "Picture in picture."
  4. The Google Meet window will shrink and become a floating window. You can resize and position it to your liking on your screen, allowing you to see both the presentation and participants.

How To Stop Presenting In Google Meet

There are two simple ways to stop presenting in Google Meet on your laptop when presenting with PowerPoint slides or Google slides:

Method 1: Stop presenting button

  1. Look for the control panel at the bottom right corner of your screen. It should appear once you start presenting.
  2. Click the button that says "You are presenting" or "Stop presenting." This will immediately stop sharing your screen.

Method 2: Keyboard shortcut (Windows only)

Simply press the "Esc" (Escape) key on your keyboard. This will also stop sharing your screen.


Presenting a PowerPoint window is much easier than it seems with this guide. While Google Meet itself offers screen sharing for presentations and basic recording functionality for some users, it may not be ideal for all situations. If you need a more comprehensive and feature-rich solution, Bluedot is an excellent choice.

Bluedot goes beyond basic recording, making it the best tool to capture every detail of your Google Meets. Recording meetings is especially important when someone is sharing their screen, as these presentations often contain crucial information. Bluedot automatically records the entire session, including the shared screen, for future reference.

Bluedot seamlessly integrates with Google Meet, providing features like transcription, auto-generated meeting summaries, as well as autogenerated  emails for follow ups, and customizable meeting templates to streamline your workflow. Bluedot securely stores your recordings in the cloud, making them easily accessible for later review and sharing.

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Can I see myself while presenting in Google Meet?

Yes, you can see yourself in Google Meet while presenting your screen. Look for a small thumbnail of your video feed at the bottom right corner of the Google Meet interface.

What if my PowerPoint presentations have animations or videos?

Google Meet screen sharing includes audio by default, so animations and embedded videos in your PowerPoint presentation will be shared along with the visuals.

How do I navigate through PowerPoint slides while presenting?

Use the Microsoft PowerPoint application on your computer to navigate through slides. Google Meet will continue to share the active window or screen you initially selected.

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