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April 5, 2024

Top 7 Avoma Alternatives You Must Try in 2024

Explore top Avoma Alternatives ✅ for streamlined communication & enhanced productivity. Find the perfect fit for your team ▶️

Top 7 Avoma Alternatives You Must Try in 2024
Top 7 Avoma Alternatives You Must Try in 2024

In the world of customer interaction, conversation intelligence is king. Platforms like Avoma have become a popular tool to analyze these conversations, but what if Avoma isn't the perfect fit?

Dive into this article to explore the best Avoma alternatives and discover a world of conversation intelligence possibilities. We'll break down the features of each option, making it easier than ever to find the platform that best captures your conversations' and unlocks valuable customer insights.

What Is Avoma?

Avoma, also known as "A Very Organized Meeting Assistant," serves as an AI-powered meeting assistant and note-taking tool, tailored to cater to the diverse needs of various teams within an organization. Whether you're a recruiter, product manager, or sales representative, Avoma facilitates recording interview calls, capturing customer interviews, and taking detailed notes from customer conversations and interactions.

This versatile meeting assistant is invaluable for both internal and external meetings, ensuring smooth and efficient collaboration throughout the entire meeting process. With Avoma, users benefit from enhanced organization, productivity, and collaborative capabilities, along with insightful analytics derived from meetings and calls.

In essence, Avoma's meeting assistant software offers a user a myriad of advantages, including time savings through easily accessible call transcripts, highlights, and summaries of meetings, as well as a centralized repository for all meeting-related information. Ultimately, Avoma contributes to an overall improvement in the meeting experience, making it an indispensable tool for teams striving for efficiency and success.

Avoma pricing:

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Why Look for an Avoma Alternative In 2024?

Avoma's offering spans across all departments within a company, making it a viable option for broad implementation. However, it falls short in meeting the specialized needs of sales teams, lacking the tailored functionalities found in revenue intelligence and sales rep acceleration tools like Gong.

User experience concerns have surfaced among Avoma's customers, particularly regarding ease of use. Issues range from the bot's initial failure to join meetings to difficulties in accurately identifying speakers even after voice signatures are provided. While Avoma is likely addressing these concerns, they remain a significant driver for users exploring alternative solutions.

Measuring return on investment (ROI) poses a challenge with Avoma. While the tool enhances productivity, quantifying its impact in tangible terms proves elusive. As a result, justifying the cost of Avoma becomes a complex endeavor for businesses seeking clear ROI metrics.

7 Best Avoma Competitors & Alternatives 

Before we explore the best Avoma alternatives, it's crucial to understand the importance of selecting the right meeting tool for your organization. Whether you seek to streamline communication, boost productivity, or enhance collaboration, the following alternatives offer a variety of features to meet all your meetings' needs.

1. Bluedot

This Avoma competitor offers a wide range of toolsThe key distinction between Bluedot and Avoma lies in their core focus and functionality. While both platforms excel in meeting recording, transcription, and summarization, Bluedot ensures no detail is left behind—especially during screen-sharing sessions.

This ensures that every crucial discussion and presentation is captured in its entirety, making it a go-to tool of choice for meticulous meeting management.


Moreover, Bluedot offers advanced analytics and seamless integration with CRM tools, adding layers of efficiency, security, and organization to your workflow. Conversely, Avoma shines with its AI-driven insights and analysis, aiming to further customer success and enhance communication and collaboration through intelligent automation.

In essence, while Avoma offers groundbreaking AI capabilities, Bluedot stands out for its unwavering commitment to thorough meeting recording, ensuring that every moment is captured for future reference and review.

Key features:

  • AI-generated notes designed for different scenarios in Google Meet
  • Screen recorder capturing screen activity and audio
  • Meeting highlight feature to review key points easily
  • Screen section annotation and time-based comments for detailed insights
  • Video and transcript editing and trimming functionalities
  • Video hosting service for centralized storage and organization

Pricing plans:

Bluedot prices


This Avoma alternative provide real-time automated note-taking and transcription capabilities, enhancing productivity and efficiency for all teams.


With Otter, sales professionals can emphasize prospect requests, comment on team member inquiries, and embed images within meeting transcripts. This tool ensures sales cycles have an accurate record of customer requests, facilitating swift responses and expediting deal closures.

Key features:

  • Imports and transcribes pre-recorded audio or video files
  • Automatically summarizes and captures meeting slides for AI-generated notes
  • Facilitates easy searching and retrieval of meeting notes in one central location
  • Integrates with calendar, video conferencing, and cloud software
  • Includes collaboration features such as commenting, highlighting, and revising

Pricing plans:

Otter prices

3. is a dynamic AI meeting assistant, streamlines the recording, transcription, review calls summarization, and analysis of online meetings. Its automated, precise transcriptions yield actionable insights, benefitting teams company-wide.


While tailored for sales teams, this Avoma alternative fosters effortless collaboration, harnesses conversation intelligence for sales call analysis, for customer-facing teams, and supports sales coaching and onboarding. Not limited to sales, Fireflies seamlessly integrates into all departments.

Key features:

  • Records and transcribes live meetings in 30+ languages
  • Integrates with 50+ productivity apps, including video conferencing tools
  • Offers customizable API for tailored integrations
  • Enables creation of customized playbooks for sales best practices
  • Facilitates sales onboarding through learning from past calls
  • Features AI Assistant "Fred" for post-meeting tasks like email writing and report drafting

Pricing plans:

Fireflies prices

4. Fathom 

Fathom, a complimentary meeting tool, records, transcribes, highlights, and summarizes all your meetings. Post-meeting, it seamlessly syncs all call notes to your website and preferred CRM.


Enhancing productivity, Fathom provides each team with a unified, organized view of all customer or prospect meeting discussions. Teams can also archive and distribute highlights from important meeting moments.

Key features:

  • Accommodates seven languages
  • Automatically captures, transcribes, and condenses calls
  • Compiles playlists of essential call metrics
  • Provides real-time meeting analytics like talk time
  • Facilitates sharing meeting highlights via clips

Pricing plans:

Fathom prices

5. Tl;dv

While both offer free trial tiers, Tl;dv surpasses Avoma in functionality and usability. Avoma is tailored primarily for sales, while Tl;dv adopts a more versatile approach. Additionally, this Avoma alternative is highly scalable and suitable for businesses of all sizes and even personal use. Its intuitive design ensures quick adoption across all members of an organization.


Moreover, tl;dv incorporates cutting-edge AI features for meeting summaries, note-taking, and highlight reel creation.

While Avoma offers a free trial tier with limited functionality, tl;dv's free tier provides a wealth of features. From recording and transcribing to timestamping, tagging, clipping, sharing, and AI summaries—all these capabilities are available on tl;dv's Free plan.

Key features:

  • Integrates with Zoom, Google Meet, and MS Teams for seamless recording
  • Available in 25+ languages
  • Integrates directly with Slack, SalesForce, Notion, and other leading software
  • Searchable and shareable transcriptions with clip and AI-generated reel creation options
  • Cloud-based storage for all recordings and notes
  • Includes AI-generated notes

Pricing plans:

Tldv Prices

6. ZoomInfo Chorus

When choosing between the two, Avoma suits smaller teams, while ZoomInfo Chorus is normally used for larger organizations focused on boosting sales and revenue. For example, if you're a big multinational company with many reps, Chorus can provide valuable insights to help close more deals efficiently.

ZoomInfo Chorus

Chorus is a call recording and analytics platform dedicated to enhancing sales performance and boosting team productivity. In addition to call recording, it employs AI for analysis, providing valuable insights into call dynamics.

For instance, if your team's scoring or closing rate decreases, Chorus can offer insights into potential causes. It can also identify and model successful behaviors, offering suggestions for replication.

Chorus is focused on sales and offers customers a comprehensive suite of features and analytics to drive sales and revenue growth.

Key features:

  • Primarily geared towards sales and revenue generation
  • Provides AI insights and guidance for enhancing sales performance and processes
  • Capable of analyzing emails for additional insights

There are no visible prices on their platform for their pricing plans.

7. Gong

This amazing Avoma alternative stands out as a powerhouse in sales-focused meeting software, embodying the spirit of AI-driven technology.


Driven by analytics, Gong's AI system captures sentiment and distills key call insights. Its extensive data libraries cater to sales teams, offering a comprehensive solution similar to having a virtual sales manager.

However, Gong's pricing model is on the higher side, and its features are tailored exclusively for sales teams and departments.

Key features:

  • Tailored specifically for sales teams, offering relevant functionalities
  • Provides rich analytics and AI-driven insights
  • Capable of detecting sentiment during calls
  • Includes libraries of data and discussion topics

Gong does not include the prices of their pricing model on their website.

What Alternative To Avoma Do You Prefer?

There are many Avoma alternatives to choose from. While each option offers its strengths, Bluedot emerges as the most comprehensive and user-friendly solution. Its intuitive interface, robust feature set, and focus on general meeting intelligence and revenue acceleration cater to a wider range of teams.

Crucially, Bluedot goes beyond simple transcription to encompass recording, a vital feature when screen sharing is involved. Imagine a crucial sales presentation or a complex product demo – with Bluedot, you can capture every detail, including the shared screen, ensuring no critical information is lost.

This recording capability, coupled with Bluedot's exceptional transcription and analysis features, empowers you to derive maximum value from every meeting. It even stores every meeting securely in your Google Drive.

Suppose you're looking for a powerful tool to streamline meetings, extract actionable insights, and propel your sales efforts, with the added security of capturing screen shares. In that case, Bluedot is one of the best Avoma alternatives out there.

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