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January 22, 2024

Loom Alternatives: Top Loom Competitors You Must Try in 2024

▶️Find out which Loom alternatives you can use. ✅ Our comprehensive list of the top Loom competitors will help you find the right one for your needs!

Loom Alternatives: Top Loom Competitors You Must Try in 2024
Loom Alternatives: Top Loom Competitors You Must Try in 2024

If you're looking for ways to record quick videos of your screen to share ideas, provide feedback, or walk someone through a process, Loom is a good option.

However, Loom offers limited editing options, lacks app stability, and features an unintuitive interface that drives users to seek alternative products.

If you're interested in exploring some Loom alternatives, we've assembled a list of 10 options for you to evaluate. We'll highlight their features, benefits and pricing to help you find the right solution that meets all your business needs!

Let's get started.

What is Loom?

Image source: Capterra

Loom is a popular screen and video recording tool that makes capturing and sharing your screen and narration quick and easy.

Loom allows you to record:

  • Interviews
  • Website tours
  • Online classes
  • Tutorials

Although it seems Loom has it all, there are some features that it doesn’t provide:

  1. Advanced options for customizing videos beyond basic trimming
  2. If you require high-quality, sharp video, Loom's maximum 720p resolution may be a drawback
  3. You can't personalize Loom's video player with your own branding, templates, logos and color schemes. 

10 Best Loom Alternatives: Free & paid

Since we covered the basics, let's start with our list of the ten best Loom alternatives in 2024.

1. BluedotHQ


BluedotHQ is one of the Loom alternatives and an AI-powered solution that simplifies post-meeting follow-ups and boosts productivity in the modern workplace. 

It effortlessly records and transcribes Google Meet sessions with precision and accuracy, delivering meeting summaries, streamlined collaboration capabilities, and virtual workspaces that enable teams to work effectively.

BluedotHQ's advanced encryption and strict adherence to EU data regulations prioritize security and ensure complete data control and privacy for users.

Adding BluedotHQ to your workflow is a breeze. You just need to install the free Chrome extension to record, transcribe and summarize sessions without the need for calendar access or inviting bots to your meetings.

Request a demo today and discover how BluedotHQ can help improve your team's collaboration while keeping your sensitive data safe and secure.

Key features

  • Save time with automated meeting minute transcriptions in Google Meet
  • Easily record on-screen activities and audio in a single video
  • Quickly review key meeting points with automated flagging
  • Effortlessly edit videos and transcripts for a polished outcome
  • Keep your videos organized in collections with built-in video hosting
  • Integrate with Slack, Google Drive, Salesforce, and more


Bluedot Pricing

At the BluedotHQ, you will easily find business plans tailored to your unique needs.

  1. Starter plan: It's free to use and includes five meetings and up to one hour per recording
  2. Pro plan: $18/month/user with unlimited meeting recordings, unlimited duration and Zoom and Google Drive import
  3. Team plan: Custom pricing. It includes unlimited uploads, free users, advanced user management, SSO (SAML) and priority support

Request a demo today to see how BluedotHQ works.

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Image source: G2 is an AI-powered notetaker that leverages artificial intelligence to transcribe meetings, making it easier for professionals to summarize discussions and take meeting notes.

As one of the Loom alternatives, it supports meeting transcription across various video-conferencing apps, audio files, and dialers.

As one of the top Loom alternatives, uses advanced algorithms to analyze voice conversations and measure user performance, which can help optimize recruiting, sales, and other internal departments. 

It integrates with Google Meets, Zoom, Team Webex and other platforms. If you need more features, check out the top Fireflies alternatives.

Key features

  • Transcribe meetings from various platforms and audio sources automatically
  • Integrate with calendars for easy scheduling and organization
  • Generate searchable transcripts for video and audio content
  • Use AI search for retrieval of crucial meeting highlights
  • Use built-in collaboration tools comments, pins, and reactions
  • Share meeting notes to Slack, Notion, Asana, and other platforms
  • Track speaker talk time with configurable settings
  • Identify objections and competitor mentions


Fireflies Pricing offers a Free plan with limited capabilities and three paid plans:

  1. Pro plan: $10 per seat per month with unlimited transcription and summary notes
  2. Business plan:  $19 per seat per month with unlimited storage, summary notes and transcription
  3. Enterprise plan: Custom pricing 

3. ClickUp

Image source: Capterra

ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity platform and another alternative to Loom that can help your team work together more closely, even if they all work remotely. 

ClickUp offers Clip, a screen recording feature that lets you efficiently record your desktop, app, or browser and share it with others. 

ClickUp also offers an AI-powered meeting notes generator that can assist you in generating detailed meeting notes quickly. It can easily capture key discussion points, action items, and follow-up tasks.

Key features

  • Capture your entire screen, app window, or browser tab 
  • Add your voice from the microphone for a clear message
  • Record and attach screen with audio recordings directly in Chrome or Firefox
  • Create tasks from recordings, add descriptions, and assign team members


ClickUp Pricing

ClickUp provides a free forever plan with unlimited tasks and unlimited members. It also offers two paid plans:

  1. Unlimited plan: $7 per member per month with unlimited storage, dashboards, and integrations
  2. Business plan: $12 per member per month with Google SSO, unlimited teams, and goal folders 

4. ScreenRec

Image source: Capterra

ScreenRec is a user-friendly and free screen recorder that lets you record your screen activity. As one of the Loom alternatives, it suits developers, designers, project management, customer support, and business communication.

With a single click, you can start or stop capturing. ScreenRec also lets you record your webcam, audio, microphone, and screen, giving you a complete recording experience.

Key features

  • Record your computer screen, capturing all on-screen activities
  • Add comments to highlight key elements in screenshots
  • Share recordings with a link for quick collaboration
  • Encrypt content and control who has access
  • Track viewership, duration, and timing of video views


The ScreenRec is free. You just need to download and install it. It works with all internet browsers.

5. Sendspark

Image source: Elegant Themes

Sendspark is a video and screen recorder that allows you to easily create personalized videos. 

You can add viewer names, company names, and other details to video templates. Sendspark enables scalable 1:1 video messaging through its web platform on Chrome.

While it is most suitable for sales teams to send personalized videos, you can use Sendspark across other departments for client onboarding, training, marketing, and more.

Key features

  • Bulk video generation for time-saving content creation
  • Viewer metrics tracking to gauge video performance and engagement
  • Video customization to match your brand and messaging
  • Library of customizable templates, logos, CTAs and thumbnails 
  • Integration with sales, marketing, email, CRM, and calendar tools


Sendspark Pricing

As one of the Loom alternatives, it includes the Free plan that lets you do screen and cam recording, video email embedding and thumbnail editing. 

Other plans include:

  1. Starter plan: $12 per seat per month with unlimited 1:1 video recording  
  2. Rapid plan: $39 per seat per month with 200 dynamic video minutes, dynamic variables and AI video personalization for sales pros 
  3. Team plan: $129 per team per month with 1,000 dynamic video minutes, five seats included and an admin dashboard

6. Soapbox

Image source: Capterra

Soapbox by Wistia enables screen and webcam recording directly within Chrome for capturing footage and analytics. Users can screen record, add webcam video, customize embed players, and track metrics.

However, it has limited advanced editing capabilities, and the absence of a self-view feed during webcam recording makes it challenging to frame shots.

Key features

  • Webcam and screen recording for dynamic video content
  • Professionalize your videos with branded elements
  • Upload teleprompter scripts for a polished delivery
  • Access essential video editing tools
  • Collaborate efficiently with team collaboration features
  • Track engagement with video analytics


Soapbox Pricing

The Free plan offers up to 10 videos, a customizable player and recording and editing features. Other plans include:

  1. Plus plan: $19 monthly with lead capture forms, email integrations and essential CTA
  2. Pro plan: $79 monthly with video heatmaps, A/B testing and custom CTAs
  3. Advanced plan: $319 monthly with marketing integrations, live streaming and unlimited channels


Image source: WittySparks

VEED offers an easy-to-use online screen and webcam recorder that simplifies video creation. You can record your screen or webcam and combine multiple clips to create a video. 

With the robust editing capabilities, you can add subtitles and visual effects, swap backgrounds, and produce professional-looking videos without hassle.

Key features

  • Intuitive screen and webcam recorder for easy content creation
  • Robust online editing tools for a polished final product
  • AI features for swapping backgrounds
  • Audio editing to clean up white noise and unnecessary filler words
  • Creative visual effects for engaging and dynamic videos


VEED Pricing

VEED offers a free plan limited to 2GB storage and subtitles for up to 30 minutes per month. Other plans include:

  1. Basic plan: $12 per month with 5GB storage, 720 min per year and full HD 1080p exports
  2. Pro plan: $24 per month with 20GB of storage and 1,440 min per year 
  3. Business plan: $59 per month for teams of 2 to 5 people with 50GB of storage, 8,000 minutes and AI avatars

8. Zight

Image source: Capterra

Zight is a versatile application that enables you to capture screenshots, record screens, and create GIFs. You can use it on desktop and mobile devices and as a Chrome extension. 

In addition, Zight provides you with basic editing features, allowing you to annotate, crop, and resize shots without having to open another program.

Key features

  • Intuitive screen and webcam recording for user-friendly content creation
  • One-click sharing to Slack, Gmail, Jira and more for seamless collaboration
  • Integrations with popular platforms for enhanced efficiency
  • Additional capabilities to capture screenshots and create animated GIFs


Zight Pricing

Zight provides a Free plan limited to 5 recording minutes. It has three paid plans:

  1. Pro plan: $9.95 monthly with unlimited recording time
  2. Team plan: $8 monthly with advanced team features and more admin controls
  3. Enterprise plan: Custom pricing with enterprise-grade security, privacy and admin controls

9. Descript

Image source: Capterra

Descript is another Loom alternative that helps you produce high-quality video and audio content. Whether you're looking to edit videos, transcribe audio recordings, or record your screen, Descript has the necessary features. 

With advanced AI algorithms, you can add professionalism and polish your videos and podcasts. 

Key features

  • Video editing for improved quality
  • Multitrack audio editing for advanced sound customization
  • Correction tools for enhancing transcription accuracy
  • AI voice cloning for unique audio experiences
  • Recording podcasts from anywhere


Descript Pricing

Descript offers a free plan limited to one watermark-free export and one recording hour. Other plans include:

  1. Creator plan: $12 per user per month with ten transcription hours 
  2. Pro plan: $24 per user per month with 30 transcription and 30 recording hours 
  3. Enterprise: Custom pricing

10. ScreenCastify

Image source: Capterra

ScreenCastify is another option for screen recordings. With a Chrome extension, you can easily capture any part of your screen and record audio. It also offers editing tools, making editing videos from your browser easy.

Key features

  • Chrome-powered screen and audio recorder
  • Save recordings directly to Google Drive for video storage
  • Gain insights on video engagement with viewership analytics
  • Decide who can view recordings with flexible access controls


ScreenCastify Pricing

ScreenCastify has a free plan that allows you to record the first ten videos. 

Other plans include:

  1. Starter plan: $7 per user per month with unlimited video creation and length
  2. Pro plan: $10 per user per month with 100GB of storage and unlimited video creation
  3. Teams: Custom pricing

Other Popular Loom Competitors in 2024

Here are some other alternatives to Loom you can also use:

  • BombBomb
  • Vidyard
  • Jumpshare
  • Tella
  • Snagit
  • Camtasia
  • TechSmith Capture
  • Usersnap
  • Vidizmo
  • Movav

Which Alternative to Loom are You Choosing?

If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient Loom alternative, BluedotHQ is the right option for you. It stands out as a leader for personal and business use, featuring unrivaled accuracy, real-time transcription, and an intuitive interface.

Its commitment to value sets BluedotHQ apart, with affordable pricing and a focus on usefulness. It simplifies the process of recording, transcribing, and summarizing your meetings efficiently and precisely without requiring bot or calendar access. 

Bluedot Benefits

BluedotHQ also prioritizes the safety and security of your data, adhering to strict EU data regulations. Additionally, it provides a collaboration platform for teams, making it easy to work together on various projects.

With a free screen recording Chrome extension, you can easily record and share your screen with your teammates. 

Request a demo today and start boosting your productivity and efficiency.

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