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March 6, 2024

How To Change Your Google Meet Background

Discover how to change your background on Google Meet ✅ Elevate your video calls with simple steps and enhance your virtual presence instantly ▶️

How To Change Your Google Meet Background
How To Change Your Google Meet Background

Tired of mundane video calls? Learn how to change your background on Google Meet. We'll walk you through simple steps to transform your video background, offering insights on enhancing your online presence and solving the monotony of traditional video calls.

Whether you want to add a touch of personality or maintain privacy, this tutorial has you covered. Stay ahead in the virtual world and unlock the full potential of your Google Meet experience.

Changing Your Background In Google Meet Before A Meeting

Before joining a Google Meet session, you can change images in your background. This makes sure that the new background you choose is visible to others, shielding your actual surroundings from view.

        1. Launch Google Meet and join your meeting.

        2. Locate the "Change Background" icon in the bottom right corner of your self-view. It's a circular icon with three stars inside.

How To Change Google Meet Background

        3. Click on this icon to open the "Backgrounds" menu, which presents various background options.

Backgrounds menu

        4. Any selection you make by clicking on the respective icon will instantly apply the chosen background.

Background Effects

This is a great option as it can help minimize distractions and maintain focus on the meeting content by ensuring a clean and uncluttered virtual background.

Changing Your Background In Google Meet While In A Meeting

Additionally, you can modify your virtual backgrounds on Google Meet even after joining a meeting by utilizing the same menu.

        1. Locate and click on the three vertical dots on the screen's bottom.

Changing Google Meet Background While In A Meeting

        2. Look for "Apply visual effects" on this menu.

Apply visual effects

        3. Selecting this option will prompt a sidebar menu to appear, allowing you to adjust your background while on the call.

Adjusting Google Meet background while on a call

If you're worried about being able to see everyone in your Google Meet, you'll still be able to see them even when you change your background. You'll even be able to see their virtual backgrounds as well.

Things To Consider When Using Custom Backgrounds In Google Meet

  • Ensure that the image you choose for your own background is of high quality to avoid pixilation or distortion during your video call.
  • Select a Google Meet background that is appropriate for the context of your meeting. Avoid distracting or unprofessional backgrounds that can take away from discussions in your online meetings.
  • Verify that your chosen background is compatible with the Google Meet platform to ensure it displays correctly during the call.
  • Check if your device meets the system requirements for using custom backgrounds in Google Meet. Some older devices or browsers don't support this feature.

By considering these factors, you can effectively change backgrounds in Google Meet to enhance your virtual meetings.

Can You Customize Your Background In The Google Meet App?

Yes, you can. It doesn't matter which possible way you join Google Meet, you'll still be able to change your either way. Initially, this function was solely accessible on ChromeOS and the Chrome browser version for Windows and Mac desktops only. Now, users can use and enjoy the visual effects directly within the Meet app and not only on the Google Meet website.


Incorporating virtual backgrounds in Google Meet is a straightforward process that can elevate the professionalism and fun factor of your video call. You can easily blur your video background, choose from a pre-selected image library, or upload your custom background. Did you know that there's a tool that can record these moments for later use?

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