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February 27, 2024

7 Fathom Alternatives to use in 2024

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7 Fathom Alternatives to use in 2024
7 Fathom Alternatives to use in 2024

Welcome to our guide on the top 7 Fathom Alternatives to use in 2024. In this article, we delve into the evolving landscape of note-taking and transcription tools, addressing the limitations of Fathom.

From outdated features to the growing demand for enhanced versatility and advanced AI integration, we uncover the insights driving professionals to seek alternative options. As statistics show a significant rise in the adoption of productivity tools, our guide promises valuable insights for readers aiming to optimize their workflows in 2024.

Join us as we explore the top Fathom competitors that offer innovative solutions and boost productivity.

What Is Fathom?

Fathom emerged as a recent addition to the AI meeting tool landscape. With Fathom, the tedious task of note-taking during Zoom meetings becomes a thing of the past. Its key advantage lies in its streamlined interface, which eliminates meeting clutter, allowing for effortless collaboration directly within calls. This tool also boasts auto-transcription capabilities and seamless integrations with platforms like HubSpot and Slack, ensuring meeting productivity.


Setting itself apart from competitors in the note-taking sphere, the software is available free of charge for personal use, presenting an option for individual users. However, for professionals, Fathom has introduced a paid premium version tailored for teams, starting at $24 per user per month with an annual subscription. 

This premium version offers enhanced features, including CRM synchronization with platforms like HubSpot and Salesforce, SOC2 report access, advanced access controls, and seamless integration with Zapier.

While Fathom excels in facilitating the note-taking tool call-taking during Zoom calls, its free status may not necessarily fulfill all organizational needs. The software does have its limitations, which could potentially deter certain businesses from adopting it.

Why Look For A Fathom Alternative In 2024?

Here are a few reasons why you might consider switching to Fathom competitors:

Limited integrations: While Fathom integrates with several popular platforms, its coverage might not be sufficient for everyone. Users who rely heavily on other tools for project management, communication, or CRM may find limited value in Fathom's current integrations.

Language barrier: With only seven supported languages, Fathom may not be ideal for teams operating globally or needing transcription in specific languages not offered.

Free plan limitations: The free version of Fathom lacks valuable features like team collaboration and AI summaries record meetings, which can be deal breakers for users seeking a more comprehensive solution.

Platform exclusivity: Fathom's current support for only Zoom limits its usability for teams using other popular video conferencing platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or WebEx.

Pricing Structure: For larger teams or businesses, Fathom's pricing might not be as competitive as other options offering similar features.

Top 7 Fathom AI Notetaker Alternatives

Here are 7 Fathom AI notetaker alternatives if you're looking to switch it up and try something new:

1. Bluedot

Deciding between Bluedot and Fathom as your AI meeting assistant depends on your specific needs. Both offer valuable features but excel in different areas. Fathom accommodates a wider range of conference providers compared to Bluedot. The key distinction is that Bluedot does not need to invite external participant "bots," unlike Fathom.


As a Fathom alternative, Bluedot can seamlessly integrate with multiple platforms, cater to global teams with over 17 languages, and capture every detail with its recording feature. Its advanced AI delves into more than basic meeting transcripts, offering speaker identification and custom vocabulary for better insights. Plus, collaboration features are robust on all plans, and data privacy practices are transparent.

Bluedot even offers some of the best call transcription software. A global sales team can effortlessly record calls in multiple languages, analyze AI meeting notes, and share actionable notes with colleagues worldwide. This fosters deeper understanding, improves communication, and assists with all your Google Meet meetings.

Main features:

  • Facilitate collaboration with annotations and time-based comments
  • Easily trim and refine recorded videos
  • Centralized storage and organization of meeting recordings
  • Seamless integration with numerous apps
  • Tailored notes for different scenarios
  • Capture and share presentations or discussions precisely
  • Extract and share crucial moments with ease

Pricing plans:

Bluedot Price


This Fathom alternative was once the primary choice for automatic note-taking and transcription, but despite facing competition, it remains a major player in the field. Unlike Fathom, Otter emphasizes transcription over note-taking, offering advanced features tailored for this purpose.


It supports both meetings and interviews, allows multiple users on one account, and provides live captions during video calls. However, Otter may still encounter difficulties with accents despite its advanced capabilities.

Main features:

  • Automated note-taking tool
  • Management of action items
  • Generation of meeting summaries
  • Instant collaboration with comments and task assignments
  • Chat function for real-time communication with team members
  • Live meeting transcription
  • Search capability based on keywords and phrases

Pricing plans:

Otter Price


Fireflies serve as an AI notetaker and a great Fathom alternative. It has been at the forefront of collaboration with popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and MS Teams.


Initially, Fireflies primarily focused on transcribing audio recordings. However, it now also offers a live video/screen recording feature, which is exclusive to its paid plans.

One notable feature of Fireflies is its Smart Search function. This allows users to swiftly locate information from past conversations and extract key details within seconds. It proves beneficial for those needing to reference previous discussions or Microsoft Teams.

Main features:

  • Speaker recognition
  • Closed captioning
  • Editing capabilities
  • Text refinement
  • Language Translation
  • Real-time captioning

Pricing plans:

Fireflies Price

4. Tl;dv

Powered by GPT AI technology, tl;dv emerges as a Fathom competitor. This acclaimed meeting recorder also offers a completely free plan. In addition to its recording capabilities, tl;dv delivers highly precise speaker recognition transcripts, AI-generated summaries, manual timestamping, robust search functionality, and a tool for creating reels and clips.


While many AI recorder or summarizing tools are tailored towards sales functions, tl;dv offers a wide array of features that cater to various needs of busy professionals.

Key features:

  • AI-powered meeting note-taking for summarizing meetings
  • Timestamped highlights for easy reference
  • Compatibility with Zoom, Google Meet, and Slack
  • Unlimited transcripts with speaker identification
  • Transcripts with searchable keyword functionality
  • Support for over 20 languages

Pricing plans:

Tldv Price

5. ZoomInfo (Chorus)

ZoomInfo, previously known as Chorus, offers a range of advanced features including team collaboration and seamless integrations with platforms such as Salesforce and HubSpot. Additionally, it provides video summary clips facilitating easy sharing of pivotal moments in meeting conversations.

ZoomInfo Chorus

The primary distinctions between ZoomInfo and Fathom lie in their intended purposes and pricing structures. ZoomInfo is primarily geared towards sales-driven functions.

Main features:

  • Unlimited call recording and transcription
  • AI analytics
  • Sales Coaching
  • Market Intelligence
  • AI trackers
  • Seamlessly integrates with 40+ platforms, including Salesforce and Zoom.

Pricing plans: You will need to sign up directly for access to pricing plans.

6. Gong, is a great Fathom Alternative. It has a revenue intelligence platform harnessing AI, and revolutionizes customer interactions into actionable insights for sales teams. By automatically transcribing and analyzing conversations, it uncovers metrics, trends, and cues, empowering sales teams to bridge gaps, expedite deal closures, and spur revenue growth.


Recently, Gong introduced Call Spotlight, a groundbreaking AI feature delivering accurate, user-friendly call summaries.

Gong Call Spotlight prioritizes data security, avoiding public-facing AI models. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with CRM tools, automatically inputting call summaries against respective contacts.

Main features:

  • Highlights: Condenses pertinent discussion points and next steps.
  • Outline: Offers a detailed, organized call summary for streamlined review.
  • Ask anything: Enables tailored responses to user queries about calls.
  • Call briefs: Provides quick summaries of past conversations, enhancing deal context.

Pricing plans: The pricing plans vary depending on the size of your team.

7. Avoma 

Avoma stands tall as a Fathom alternative, providing a comprehensive meeting assistant experience. Designed to bolster collaboration, elevate customer success initiatives, and amplify productivity, Avoma offers a range of features.


These include automatic extraction of action items, detection of objections, and highlighting positive moments during meetings.

Features include:

  • Automated transcription from various web conferencing tools
  • AI-generated meeting notes
  • Automatic summarization and categorization of key conversation moments
  • Speaker identification and comment attribution
  • Topic detection and categorization
  • Shared agenda templates with notes resembling human input
  • Snippet playlists facilitating review of calls and meetings

Pricing plans:

Avoma Price

Which Fathom Alternative Is Right For You?

Finding a Fathom alternative can be challenging. Each Fathom alternative posses its strengths and limitations. Ultimately, the "perfect match" depends on your team's unique needs and priorities. But if you're seeking an AI meeting assistant that transcends mere recording and transcription, then Bluedot stands as a compelling choice.

Forget about platform limitations – Bluedot seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows, whether you're joining a Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom. It breaks down language barriers with an array of languages supported, fostering truly global collaboration.

But Bluedot goes beyond transcribing. It delves deeper, unlocking the true power of your meetings through advanced AI analysis. Speaker identification and custom vocabulary provide nuanced insights and understanding. Actionable notes and summaries help you capture key takeaways and move forward with clarity.

Start your free Bluedot trail today. Install Free Extension

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